AKA “The Superwoman"

Layana is not only a talented fashion designer, but also a caring mother. You may recognize her from the popular TV shows Project Runway and Project Runway Allstars.

Originally from Brazil, Layana came to the United States to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She then worked at famous fashion houses like Oscar de la Renta. But Layana wanted to express herself even more. So, in 2013, she took a brave step and launched her own clothing line for women. Her designs were a mix of femininity and streetwear, celebrating the strength of modern women. Because of her unique talent, Layana was selected to compete in Project Runway Season 11.

After the show, Layana got a special opportunity from Tim Gunn, a fashion mentor, to work with Disney. They asked her to design a beautiful gown for Elena of Avalor, Disney's very first Latin princess. Drawing inspiration from her South American heritage, Layana remembered her grandmother's colorful mandala flowers. She included those flowers on Elena's gown, representing the journey of finding oneself and being fulfilled.

As Layana started her own family with a son and a daughter, she found a way to combine her two biggest passions: fashion and children. That's how the Fashion Squad School was born! Starting from her own living room, Layana built an empire based on love. She created a place where kids and young adults can learn and grow, without fear of expressing themselves. At the Fashion Squad School, everyone is encouraged to be happy and confident!

Layana Aguilar is not just a fashion designer, but also a role model for aspiring young designers. She proves that with passion, determination, and a little risk-taking, you can achieve your dreams. Layana's journey is an inspiration to us all, showing that love and self-expression can build amazing things, just like the Fashion Squad School.



Elissa Santana

AKA "The Sewing Master"

Elissa is the General Manager at The Fashion Squad School. She played a crucial role in starting the school alongside founder Layana Aguilar, right from the very beginning! Though Elissa is quiet, she is mighty and knows our Fashion Squad like the palm of her hand.

Born and raised in a small town in Brazil, Elissa is living her American dream! She graduated with high honors, earning a degree in Fashion Design and pattern making. But her journey goes beyond academic achievement. Elissa's love for teaching and sharing her passion for fashion is a big part of her life.

Ever since she was just 10 years old, Elissa discovered her deep-rooted connection to Fashion Design. She already had remarkable skills, crafting her own garments with pride. Sketching, sewing, and reading quickly became her cherished hobbies, fueling her creativity and artistic expression.

What makes Elissa truly special is her adoration for teaching children. She is captivated by their rapid learning abilities and limitless imagination. Seeing the joy on her students' faces when they wear the clothes they've crafted is an experience she treasures above all else.

The Fashion Squad School is Elissa's cherished home—a place where she thrives, surrounded by everything she loves. Her role as "The Sewing Master" allows her to combine her fashion expertise with her passion for teaching. This fulfilling fusion brings her immense happiness and satisfaction.

Elissa is not only an exceptional General Manager but also comes up with the best new sewing projects. She is a valuable asset to our team and plays an integral part in making The Fashion Squad School a place where creativity and learning flourish.


Nicole Mansan

AkA “The Organizing Queen”

Nicole is our talented manager at Fashion Squad School. She not only keeps us in line but also shares her passion for fashion and teaching with a big smile!

Nicole's journey began when she was just 11 years old. Back then, she had her heart set on a special handbag, but couldn't find it anywhere. Determined, she turned to her mom for guidance. With her mom's help, Nicole learned how to create the bag herself. Little did she know, this experience would ignite a deep love for sewing within her.

Her dedication and talent for fashion caught the attention of prestigious schools like FIT in NYC and Central St Martin in London. Nicole's parents, who happen to be teachers themselves, always encouraged her to follow her dreams. Now, Nicole has discovered her own love for teaching at Fashion Squad School.

At our school, Nicole works her magic by sharing her sewing skills and knowledge with our students. She takes joy in guiding them through the creative process, encouraging their own fashion dreams to flourish. As our manager, Nicole's remarkable organizational skills help keep everything running smoothly, ensuring we have a fantastic learning experience.

Nicole, the Organizing Queen, is not only a fashion enthusiast but also a devoted teacher. She fills our classrooms with creativity, making sure everyone feels inspired and supported. Thanks to her dedication and passion, Fashion Squad School is a place where fashion dreams come true!


Rodolfo Sanches

AKA “The Creative Maestro”

Artsy and full of love, Rodolfo is the person who makes our visual dreams come true!

 He was born and raised in a small town in Brazil and graduated in Marketing and Advertising. Rodolfo's love for fashion began at a young age, but it truly blossomed when he moved to NYC.

Rodolfo is the genius behind the lens! He is the one who captures all the amazing photos that you see on our website, social media, and even in the portfolios of our talented students. 

He is also the right hand of our founder, Layana Aguilar, always there to support and assist.

But wait, there's more! Rodolfo is not only a master of visuals, but he's also a fantastic teacher. He's the one who steps in and teaches classes whenever we need him. It's incredible how he learned to sew and create fashion at The Fashion Squad School, where he was once a student himself.

Rodolfo, our Creative Maestro, believes in sharing dreams and knowledge because there's nothing better than inspiring others. He dedicates every day of his life to the magical world of fashion and making it accessible to everyone.


Shatani Taylor

AKA “The Fashionista K-pop”

Shatani,  a born and raised Harlemite with an unwavering passion for the world of fashion. As an aspiring model and fashion stylist, she continuously seeks new experiences to creatively express herself through art and fashion. With a love for teaching and an infatuation with sharing her fashion expertise, Shatani has fallen head over heels for the art of education at Fashion Squad School.

Having previously served as a sewing teacher at the Lower East Side Girls Club, she has nurtured her zeal for social justice alongside her dedication to empowering others through the art of sewing. Shatani's remarkable journey has led her to discover the joy of imparting knowledge and sharing her profound love for fashion.

During her leisure time, you'll find Shatani passionately creating fashion video blogs on popular platforms like TikTok and YouTube, capturing the hearts of her ever-growing audience. But it doesn't end there. She has also developed a deep admiration for K-pop, immersing herself in the energetic melodies and dynamic performances that this vibrant genre offers.

Shatani, a beacon of fashion-forward creativity, is a force to be reckoned with. Her contagious enthusiasm for teaching, love for fashion, and unwavering devotion to K-pop make her an exceptional asset to the Fashion Squad School community.


Ingrid Almeida

AKA “The Fashionista Swiftie”

Ingrid was born and raised in the northeast of Brazil. She used to be a lawyer but decided to make a big change in her life and follow her dream of working in the fashion industry. Now she lives in New York City!

Ever since she was a kid, Ingrid had a strong personality and a special love for fashion. She is very picky when it comes to choosing outfits, especially ones that represent her Brazilian background and culture.

When she's not working, Ingrid enjoys challenging herself by creating amazing outfits for herself and her friends. She even makes videos to show her progress on Instagram and TikTok!

What she loves most about The Fashion Squad School is how it allows her to work with fashion and kids at the same time. It makes her feel forever young and like nothing is impossible. The Fashion Squad School is always a happy place for her!

Ingrid also has a special love for Taylor Swift. She enjoys listening to Taylor Swift's music and singing along to her songs. Taylor Swift's music inspires her to be confident and express herself through fashion.

So let's give a warm welcome to the Fashionista Swiftie, Ingrid! She's ready to bring her creativity and passion for fashion to The Fashion Squad School. Get ready for some amazing outfits and a whole lot of fun!


Yam Lauar

AKA “The Fashion Stylist”

Yam Lauar is a passionate fashion stylist with a deep love for teaching and sharing his expertise at the Fashion Squad School. With a solid background in fashion design, he embarked on his career by working with renowned local brands in Brazil. However, it was in New York where his true calling was revealed.

During his time in the Big Apple, Yam had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Layana on a photoshoot for her brand. The experience sparked an undeniable connection and marked the beginning of a flourishing partnership. As their creative collaboration continued to thrive, Yam's exceptional talent and unwavering dedication led him to assume the role of a teacher at the Fashion Squad School.

Yam's passion for teaching has flourished alongside his love for fashion, allowing him to inspire and guide aspiring fashion enthusiasts. He finds immense joy in nurturing young minds, instilling in them the same sense of wonder and excitement that initially drew him to the industry.

Beyond his teaching responsibilities, Yam also serves as an assistant at Layana Aguilar Womenswear, where he continues to contribute to the brand's vision and success. His extensive experience and innate fashion sense make him a valuable asset to the team.

With a heart brimming with enthusiasm for both fashion and education, Yam Lauar has found his true purpose as a teacher and mentor at the Fashion Squad School, where he shares his profound love for fashion and empowers students to follow their creative dreams.